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The Oaksterdam Business Association (OBA) was created to leverage the extensive Oaksterdam Network in order to demand better services for less cost and mitigate business risks.  By connecting with one another on strategy, benefits, and services for the cannabis industry, OBA helps cannabis industry businesses, associations, and organizations coordinate with one another for better professional services, while sharing best practices and collaborating on policy reform strategies.




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Connecting a Cohesive Strategy

The cannabis industry is underserved by professional ministrations such as banking and insurance. Our advocacy lacks a cohesive strategy when collaboration on policy reform matters most. Oaksterdam University (OU) created the Oaksterdam Business Association (OBA) to fill the gaps by connecting organizations on strategy, benefits, and services for the cannabis industry. OBA helps the cannabis industry businesses, associations and organizations coordinate with one another for better professional services while sharing best practices and collaborating on policy reform strategy.

Leveraging Our Power

In furtherance of our legacy and mission, the Oaksterdam Business Association (OBA) was formed to leverage our collective power – the entourage effect – to collaborate, strategize, and educate while providing benefits and services to the OBA affiliated businesses in the cannabis industry.

For over a decade Oaksterdam University has provided advocacy, education, and training that built the foundation of today’s Cannabis Industry and originated many successful policy reform strategies. OU provides OBA businesses with formal training and policy expertise that can propel advocacy collaboration amongst organizations that is cohesive, collaborative and mitigates business risks.

Oaksterdam University (OU) established the Oaksterdam Business Association to fulfill the need of the educated leaders in the cannabis industry for professional services, such as:

  • Legal and tax advice
  • Assistance with local government and regulating authorities
  • Access to insurance, security, environmental controls, compliance, and other professional services from within our Alumni Network of expert practitioners.

Member Benefits

The OBA cultivates and connects the global Oaksterdam network of expert practitioners, thought-leaders, and educators with policy-makers, entrepreneurs, operations consultants, investors, manufacturers, retailers and other cannabis-related associations. We welcome all Oaksterdam University Alumni businesses, as well as cannabis and hemp-affiliated companies not yet associated with Oaksterdam.  Join us, the atmosphere is rather nice here..





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Insurance Services

We are excited to partner with the insurance experts at Bolton & Co. and Collaborative Services Group, LLC to meet your company’s needs.

OBA is working on a benefits trust to provide our members with health insurance coverage for employees.

Currently, OBA member businesses will be able to take advantage of this service.

Please click the contact button below to apply for Health/Dental/Vision Insurance for Employees - MEWA or Worker's Comp

Business Services

Job Board

Connecting Qualified employees with employers

Access to Established Industry Experts for Advisory Services on

  • Data & Physical Security
  • Human Resources - Employee Manuals
  • Retail Operations
  • Horticulture
  • Legal Operations
  • Regulatory Compliance

Staff Training – Online Curriculum – Onsite Education – Certifications

Expert practitioners and faculty bring you the most timely and useful employee and management development programs onsite or online.

Policy Advocacy & Reform Initiatives:

Join your peers to address strategy between organizations and advocacy groups:

  • Descheduling Cannabis
  • Banking Reform
  • Consumer Safety PSA Initiatives
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Law Enforcement Training
  • Staff Training Standardization
  • Strategy Consolidation
  • Taxes & IRS Code 280e Reform
  • Veterans Education & Employment 


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